Mont La Salle – Aïn Saadé

OASIS 2018

8 weeks from Thursday July 5 till Wednesday August 29

40 days of sports: 5 days per week from 9:00AM till 2:00PM

2 T-shirts, 1 cap and 1 magazine per family are included in all packages


All prices are subject to change before and after registration in case of salary or fuel augmentation

Coming out is foregone in the program, they are optional & paid the same day

Subscription is daily from 9:00 A.M. till 8:00 P.M.
Subscription stops on July 4 at 2:00 P.M. to start again on July 5

1st kid: 370 USD
2nd kid: 350 USD
3rd kid:
330 USD
4th kid:
300 USD
MLS Student:
300 USD

Registered kids can profit from an afternoon program
(2:00 P.M. – 4:00 P.M.) at the cost of 50 $ per month

Registered kids can get Extra activities twice a week
(limited places)




Climbing50 $2 months
Archery50 $2 months
Swimming110 $2 months
Horse riding125 $2 months
ATV100 $2 months
Piano (8 lessons)120 $2 months
Guitar (8 lessons)120 $2 months
Private lessons120 $4 sessions


Transportation – Cost

125 $Fanar, Aïn Saadé.
135 $Jdeideh, Beit Méry, Mansourieh, Mountazah, Mar Roukoz, Sed El Bauchrieh.
145 $Zalka, Jal El Dib, Dékwaneh, Rawda, Sabtieh, Dora, Bourj Hammoud, Mkallès, Bkenaya.
155 $Broumana, Tilal Aïn Saadé, Antélias, Roumieh, Jouret el Ballout, Sin El Fil, Horch Tabet, Jisr El Bacha.
165 $Hazmieh, Aïn El Rémaneh, Badaro, Furn El Chebbak, Achrafieh, Dbayeh, Bsalim, Biakout, Nabay, Kennabet Broumana.
175 $Naccache, Rabieh, Baabdat, Awkar, Rass el Nabeh.
195 $Yarzé, Baabda, Fayadieh, Jamhour, Hadath, Dahr el Sawan, Bikfaya, Biyadah, Kornet Chehwan, Elissar, Beit El Chaar, Rawché, Mazraa, Clémenceau, Hamra, Kfarchima, Dhour Choueir, Jounieh, Christ Roi, Adonis, Antoura, Kaslik.
205 $Doha, Aramoun, Khaldé, Bchamoun, Jeita, Sheïlé, Ajaltoun.
255 $Aley, Sofar.

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